Is everything I tell my lawyer confidential?
Yes, it is important that you tell your lawyer everything about your case. All conversations are governed by attorney-client privilege. Your lawyer must know the truth to properly present your case and obtain a just result.


Do you charge a fee for a car wreck or personal injury case?
No, the fees for these types of cases will be charged as a percentage of what is collected. You only pay a fee when we win your case.


What do you charge for your services?
Every case is different. Most require some type of down payment, but thereafter, the attorneys at Radney, Radney & Jackson will attempt to establish a payment arrangement that each client can afford.


How long will my case take?
The timeline for every case is different. Settlements are often reached more quickly than trials. The attorneys at Radney, Radney & Jackson will attempt to provide you with an estimate of the time that it will take to resolve your case and will update you as the case progresses.


Should I talk to the police about my criminal charges before consulting a lawyer?
No! It is important that you get advice from your lawyer before talking about your case with anyone. Even a statement that appears to be innocent and irrelevant can be manipulated and used against you.


Should I talk with the insurance company about my accident before consulting a lawyer?
No! It is important that you get advice from your lawyer before talking about your case with anyone. The insurance company works for the person/entity that caused you harm. They are trying to gather information to help themselves, not you.


Does Radney, Radney & Jackson charge a fee for the first meeting?
No! The initial client conference is free. At this time, you can discuss your case with a one of our experienced attorneys and determine the best strategy and fee arrangement.


Should I file for divorce first or wait on my spouse to file?
In most cases, you should file first because the plaintiff has the right to present evidence to the judge before you have the chance to do so. Consult with one of our attorneys before making any legal moves.


Why should I hire a local lawyer instead of a T.V. lawyer?
At Radney, Radney & Jackson, we strive to get to know our clients, interview all necessary witnesses and participants, view the scene when necessary, talk to law enforcement when necessary, and fully investigate your case.

We are able to do this with ease because we are very familiar with the authorities in all of the counties where we practice. We work hard to keep our case load manageable so that we can dedicate the necessary time to each client’s needs. When working with a lawyer that you’ve seen on television, you may end up receiving less-than personal service. As a result, we encourage you to contact our team of attorneys for a one-on-one consultation.